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School Dress Codes

French Toast makes it easy to shop when your school has a school uniform policy or a school mandated dress code. The School Dress Code locator feature can be found on our home page and allows you to search thousands of schools with dress codes.

There are two types of School Dress Codes listed
in our School Dress Code locator:


Generic School Dress Codes

Generic School Dress Codes typically display approved colors for tops and bottoms for boys and girls. These school dress codes are handy to print out and use a shopping guide for your purchases on our site.


Specific School Dress Codes & Express Shopping

Specific School Dress Codes are when a school provides us with a list of preapproved styles and colors. Specific School Dress Codes save parents time by allowing the dress code page for your school to turn into an express shopping page. All the approved items are in one place, so that you can quickly add what you need to your shopping cart in one easy step.

If you are a school and would like to know more about getting your school dress code on our site click here. Find your schools dress code on our School Dress Code locator by clicking here.

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