July 29, 2009

School Uniforms on a back-to-school budget

Kirstie Thornton, Tampa Parenting Examiner

It seems like yesterday that the bell rang and our kids scampered off to summer vacation, yet here we are, gearing up for the next school year. And just like the years of past, it’s a race to school supply sales and a challenge of stocking up on a back-to-school budget.

Charter school families sometime have some additional items on their shopping list, depending on the type of school their children attend. School uniforms, for example, may be cost-saving over the course of the year as it may cut down on other clothing purchases. However, the up-front expense of uniform acquisitions for the new school year can be challenging for many budget conscious buyers.
Here are a few deals and steals being advertised on school uniforms this week:

Purchase gently used uniforms from your charter school or consignment store. Read Denver Charter Schools Examiner’s article for details.
If your favorite school clothing retailer is not listed, please feel free to add the information in the comment section below. Including city, state, and contact information for the store would be extra helpful.