August 12, 2010

French Toast – Back To School Event – Kids Uniforms Giveaway!!!

By Stefanie, mommy

Oh the day of school uniforms. I went to Catholic school for all but two years of my school life and I used to hate them! They were uncomfortable and unstylish. Thank goodness things have changed! Now with French Toast there are comfortable, affordable, stylish uniforms that my children love!

Yes, you read that right…my children love uniforms!!!

If this sounds odd to you then you obviously haven’t seen the uniforms offered by French Toast. And it’s not just one or two different outfits, there are tons to choose from. Girl uniforms, boy uniforms, toddler uniforms…they’ve got ya covered (no pun intended). And make sure to check out their clearance items.

While some kids don’t like uniforms in my opinion it is easier, safer and cheaper for our children to wear uniforms to school. Think about all the fights, the snubs and stares to the kids who’s parents can’t afford the expensive, ‘in’ clothes, and just the plain fact that it’s easier knowing each day what they’re going to wear. No more scrounging around trying to find clothes that are clean and match. No more fights over what they wear each day because this way they know each morning what they have to wear. And with choices like these from French Toast it’s easy for every child to be in style at an affordable price without school being a competitive fashion show, although they are very fashionable! After all, these high quality, affordable uniforms have been featured on Gossip Girl!

Obviously I’m all for uniforms…even in public schools! (My mom is reading this somewhere laughing, shaking her head and saying ‘I told you so…’ to me about this. lol Enjoy your giggle mom, you were right!)

These outfits are soft, comfortable, stylish, durable and affordable! It doesn’t get any better than that!!! And since they have so much to offer including hair accessories, socks, ties, belts and more, there’s no need to bounce around to a million different places to get all of your kids back to school clothes. It’s one stop (online) shopping made easy and cheap with their .99¢ shipping*! Here are some of my favorite girl items from each category! (Be sure to check out the links though to see more of the options! These are just a few of many that French Toast offers!!!)

Girls Uniforms

Blouses, Knits & Polos - Starting at $5.98!
Pants & Shorts - Starting at $10.98!
Jumpers & Scooters - Starting at $8.98!
Dresses Starting at $9.98!
Uniform Plaid Skirts - Starting at $11.98!
Sweaters - Starting at just $8.98!
They also have Activewear and Outerwear for girls!

Boys Uniforms
Shirts, Knits & Polos - Starting at $5.58!
Pants & Shorts - Starting at $11.98!
Sweaters - Starting at just $9.98!
And don't foget boys Activewear and Outerwear for girls!

As you can see most of them don’t even look like uniforms. My children wear theirs to church or even just out for a nice family dinner or get-together. With school starting next week and all the school supplies that I still need to purchase I worry about money and know I have to pinch my pennies as much as possible, which is why I am going to purchase a lot of my kids’ back to school clothes from French Toast.

Take a look at this shirt that you can get for $6.98.

Or this one for just $9.98!

Like this Polo Shirt for $7.98 (or buy 3 or more and get 15% off of each one)!

This shirt comes in these color options.

And don’t let me forget my favorite toddler uniform for the amazing price of only $8.98! I got this one for Little Miss and she loves it!

The thing I love most about this one is that since she doesn’t go to a private school and wears this for church and get-togethers, I can have her initials embroidered onto the dress. How cute is that? And now French Toast is offering embroidery straight from their store! Click here to learn more about their embroidery services! French Toast was kind enough to send all three of my children an outfit to try so I could give you an honest review on the quality of their products. Here is what my children got. I have to apologize though for not having a picture of my youngest; she doesn’t do pictures or really even smiles for that matter. I didn’t think you’d want to see a picture of a screaming toddler even if she was in a super cute toddler uniform! lol

And right now they have an amazing contest going on that I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on! All you have to do is tell French Toast by clicking herewhat makes your child unique in 300 words or less. Include up to 6 photos or a video that shows your child, in their school uniform, doing what makes them unique‘ and if you win you can win $15, 000 for your child and their school!! To read official rules please click here. Contest ends on September 15th so hurry and get yours submitted TODAY!!!