Week of 9/14/2020
Grass gobblers! Tired of mowing the lawn? Hire a heard of goats! HowStuffWorks shows you how goats are an environmentally-friendly way to control vegetation in parks, airports and even at Google headquarters. Who knew?! Great Goats >

Week of 9/7/2020
Art from scratch! Grab your pencils and check out Art for Kids Hub. Dozens of silly step-by-step videos teach everyone from preschoolers to parents how to draw all kinds of fun pictures. Put on your favorite creative outfit and learn to draw cupcakes, a microscope, pizza, Harry Potter, a jaguar and so much more. Ready, Set, Draw >

Week of 8/31/2020
Fun with 4-H! Check out awesome activities with arts & crafts, STEM and food and nutrition that focus on 4-H's four H's: head, heart, hands and health. Throw on shorts and a tee and create a wallet out of duct tape, bake your own pretzel bites, learn how to code a computer game and much more. 4-H fun on-screen and off >

Week of 8/24/2020
Woo hoo for YouTube! Welcome to #CampYouTube - a collection of videos and hands-on activities in stem, arts, sports and adventure for both kids under 13 and teens.  Dress comfy and have fun on-screen and off as you write fiction, pick up hip hop moves, practice yoga, make dinosaur fossils, learn to tie knots and so much more. Apply some "fun-screen" >

Week of 8/17/2020
Make the great outdoors even greater! Discover the wonders of nature with this cool collection of grade-based interactive lessons, activities and games that focus on the natural world. Dress for a mess and track your shadow, go on a sensory scavenger hunt, virtually visit national parks and much more. Explore the outdoors >

Week of 8/10/2020
Have a great time… rain or shine! Dress for the weather in shorts and a tee and enroll in AccuWeather Summer Camp. Learn about lightning, find out about floods, gain wisdom about wind and much more. Daily activities, projects, podcasts and songs add sunshine to any day. Learn about weather whatever the weather >

Week of 8/3/2020
Camp stamp of approval! Enroll in CAMP@HOME from UNICEF Kid Power. Watch more than 75 short videos on everything from basketball tricks and tie-dye to cooking and campfire songs. Then, put on comfy shorts and a tee and go out and try them yourself. Even unlock donations to help kids locally and globally. Press play then go play >

Week of 7/27/2020
Bring the zoos to you! Take a wild look at 5 Big Apple zoos including the Bronx Zoo, and New York Aquarium. Swim with sharks, have lunch with sea lions, learn how to draw animals with Zoodles and much more. Dress for adventure and check out the videos, photos and live cams. Visit Zoo York City>

Week of 7/20/2020
Games galore and so much more! Give your mind a workout with hundreds of free educational games, books, comics and videos from Funbrain.com for kids in grades Pre-K though 8. Put on your gym clothes and your thinking cap and get ready to build your brain. Brain Games >

Week of 7/13/2020
Everything kids need for summer reads! Start with a Book provides book recommendations organized by age and kid-friendly interests like art, dinosaurs, superheroes, sports and more. Each theme includes additional ideas for activities, writing prompts, websites, podcasts and apps. Toss on shorts and a tee and start reading. Start with a book & see where it takes you >

Week of 7/6/2020
A camp where the wonders never cease! Visit Camp Wonderopolis from Wonderopolis.org and go where your imagination takes you. Put on your most colorful outfit and learn about music, engineering, science and other school subjects as you build a city, visit the zoo, blast off beyond the stars and much more. Go on a wonderful, wonder-filled adventure >

Week of 6/29/2020
Calling all campers! Enroll in Camp PBS KIDS for tons of fun-filled games, crafts and activities based on kid-friendly themes like animals, art, space and more. Hit the trail in shorts and a tee and bust boredom from sunup to sundown. Go to camp without leaving home >

Week of 6/22/2020
Happy campers! Have all the fun of camp right from home with this grade-based, weekly-themed collection from Wide Open School. Stay cool in shorts and a tee as you complete reading, writing, music, math, art and more entertaining activities that keep smiles bright and school skills sharp all summer long. Virtual summer camp adventures >

Week of 6/15/2020
That’s ancient history! Journey back in time with DiscoveringEgypt.com. Dress cool for the warm weather and type a secret message in hieroglyphics, hear how math was used to build the pyramids, watch the mummification process, check out 3D recreations of temples, unearth information about pharaohs and much more. Bring ancient Egypt back to life >

Week of 6/8/2020
Get a free (museum) pass! Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History without leaving home or taking off your comfy clothes. Marvel at the Hope diamond, explore Africa, zoom in on dinosaur bones and so much more on self-guided, room-by-room tours of the museum. Spend a day at the museum >

Week of 6/1/2020
Cool curriculum! Make learning fun with digital activity packs from DK. Get comfy in shorts and a tee and make unicorn slime, build an origami boat, learn calming bedtime yoga moves and much more. With ideas for students in preschool to middle school, plus resources for parents and teachers, there is sure to be something for everyone. Learning fun for everyone >

Brain games! Use your noggin to solve puzzles that open locks to break free from virtual escape rooms. Put on your thinking cap and a smart shirt and get your head in the game with these brain-builders from Breakout EDU. Make a great escape >

Alexa, teach me something. Bamboo Learning uses the power of your voice and your Alexa device to improve listening comprehension skills, discover historical figures, solve over 500,000 math problems, learn music theory and more. Learn with Alexa >

Stay curious! Explore a 3D replica of the surface of mars as it was recorded by NASA’s Curiosity rover. Access Mars from Google lets you take a walk on the fourth planet from the sun without leaving Earth—or your living room and prepare for lift off. Take a mission to Mars >

Bring HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior) to your home! Stay dry in your favorite polo and take a virtual jump in the Great Lakes with Great Lakes Now. Discover how algae affects the water, meet some of the animals that live in the coastal wetlands and see how scientists are trying to save the ancient and endangered lake sturgeon. Take a Great Lake break >

Step into history! Explore the battlefields of the American Revolution and the Civil War like never before. Take stunning 360-degree virtual tours of Gettysburg, Antietam and other historic sites courtesy of the American Battlefield Trust. Clickable tour points are filled with more information about each battlefield.  Bring history home >

Ha-ha-happy Friday! Get ready for some seriously silly slideshows with National Geographic Kids’ Wacky Weekend. Check out an orangutan stacking blocks, a portrait painted with chocolate, an 8-foot long gummy python and much more. Put on something comfy and enjoy the fun any day of the week. Let the wackiness begin >

Here’s the dish! There are never too many cooks in the kitchen with this collection of fun and delicious recipes from Tasty.co! Toss an apron over your favorite tee and cook up everything from homemade honey bread and taco pizza to watermelon and berry fruit salad and sugar cookies with sprinkles. Bon appétit! Cook up some fun together >

Natural wonders! Take fact-filled field trips with The Nature Conservancy. Travel to the rainforest in Borneo, meet pandas in China’s great forests and explore coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean. Travel the globe without leaving home. Get back to nature >

Mighty minis! It really is a small world after all at the Gulliver’s Gate exhibition in New York City. Miniature models of the Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Egypt, the Eifel Tower and more fit in a space the size of a football field. Wear a tee in any size and explore natural and human-made landmarks around the world with Scholastic News. Find big learning in small packages >

Egg-cellent adventures! Take virtual field trips with the American Egg Board and see how eggs fly the coop and go from the farm to your table. Stay in your comfy clothes and enjoy from your nest—last one to watch is a rotten egg! Get egg-cited to learn >

Slime time! Discover what happens when Nickelodeon launches its famous green goo to the International Space Station. Color-coordinate in a lime polo and watch astronauts play with slime as you learn the science behind how it reacts in microgravity. Get slimed in space >

Oodles of doodles! Spend lunchtime doodling with Caldecott-Honor winner Mo Willems. Sharpen your pencil, put on a colorful polo and draw some of the number one New York Times bestselling author/illustrator’s most famous characters including Pigeon, Elephant, Piggie and more in this special series presented by The Kennedy Center. Get set to sketch >

Transportation transformation! Watch as a railway station in Paris turns into the Musée d’Orsay before your eyes. There’s no need for you to change—stay in your comfy clothes and view a photo timeline from Google Arts & Culture that shows how an obsolete train station became home to some of the world’s most famous artwork. Next stop: Musée d’Orsay in Paris >

This place is a zoo! Get ready for wild adventures with the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Dress casual for your in-home safari and watch as giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, penguins and many more wild creatures welcome you into their homes at the zoo. Each virtual safari also features a fun animal-related activity. Bring the zoo to you >

LOL! Put on your thinking cap and some comfy clothes and get ready for some wacky word play from National Geographic Kids. Fill in lists with nouns, verbs and other words—the crazier the better. Then, reveal and read the sidesplitting stories you’ve written. Fill up on fill-in fun >

Fitness fun! Put on gym shorts and a tee then lace up your kicks and take this super-fun fitness test from Scholastic Choices. Step-by-step photos show you how to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic ability. There’s even a score card to track your progress so challenge a family member and get fit! Work it out >

My, oh Maya! Junior Scholastic reveals how lasers helped archaeologists discover more than 60,000 Maya ruins in a remote Central American jungle. Discover the history of the Maya and learn the important contributions these smart, hardworking ancient people have made to math, engineering, writing and more. Did you know that some of the subjects you study now, the Maya studied first? Unearth ancient secrets >

Fact check this out! The truth is stranger than fiction with National Geographic Kids’ Weird But True—Fast Facts! Dozens of short videos are packed with crazy, zany information on everything from space and animals to candy and toys. Toss on your softest tee and find out how late the most overdue library book was, what Blibber-Blubber is and much more. Facts in a flash >

G’day quokkas! Meet the adorable Australian marsupial called the quokka. Put on your comfiest clothes and head down under with Scholastic ScienceWorld. Rottnest Island has the world’s largest population of quokkas and tourists flock to see them roam free. See how viral selfies with the cuddly creatures are affecting the habits and habitat of these vulnerable animals. Go on an Aussie animal adventure >

Watery warriors! Embark on an epic learning journey about Vikings. Find out how archaeologists use satellite images from space to unearth ancient structures from around the world, including a possible new 1,000-year-old Viking settlement in North America. No need to bundle up for this voyage with Junior Scholastic—a comfy tee with do.  Set sail >

Do-it-yourself science! Conduct fun, safe experiments at home with National Geographic Kids. Try your hand at making a ghost glove, float the idea of creating an ocean in a bottle, make sense of why a penny floats and more. No white lab coat needed—just put on a colorful polo and reveal your inner mad scientist. Experiment with science >

It’s panda-monium with Scholastic SuperScience! Meet cuddly red pandas and the scientists working hard to ensure this endangered species thrives in the wild. Learn how their habitat in the Himalayan mountains is changing. Then get cozy in a hoodie and watch the adorable animals play. Read about red pandas >

Creature feature! Discover the amazing world of animals with National Geographic Kids. Informative, comical videos provide fascinating facts about everything from bizarre beasts like frogfish to cuddly creatures like polar bear cubs. Learn why animals really are amazing. No safari outfit required - just get comfy and explore. Start your awesome animal adventure >

Out of this world! Reach for the stars with NASA. Expedition 33 Commander Suni Williams takes you on a tour of the International Space Station. Decked out in a polo and khaki shorts, she'll show you where the astronauts sleep, how they brush their teeth in zero gravity and provide a stunning look at Earth from the craft's observation deck. 3...2...1...Blast off >

From sea to shining sea. Take a coast-to-coast tour of more than 30 of America's national parks courtesy of Google Earth. Relax in shorts and a tee by Sand Beach at Acadia National Park in Maine or zip your favorite hoodie and soar over to Redwood National Park in California to gaze at a 300-foot tall redwood tree and so much more. Get back to nature >

Super sniffers! Discover how a dog’s nose knows with Scholastic SuperScience. Toss on a comfy tee and read how dog detectives track animal droppings to help scientists study endangered species. Then watch other productive pups in action—working as lifeguards, avalanche rescuers and more. Get on the scent of hard-working hounds >

Super-duper superhero storyteller! Meet the man behind the best-selling Dog Man and Captain Underpants series. Put on a cape and your favorite polo to watch and read this Scholastic News interview with Dav Pilkey—even find out if he would rather be Dog Man or Captain Underpants. Meet Dav Pilkey >

All aboard! Get on track with this information-packed article about the transcontinental railroad from Junior Scholastic. Put on something cozy and read about the workers who risked their lives to build it and discover how its completion changed the country. Even see what life would have been like if you were a kid in 1869. Train your brain >

Flower power! Take a guided virtual tour of The Orchid Show courtesy of the New York Botanical Garden. Learn fun floral facts (like what orchids have to do with vanilla ice cream) as you explore an exhibit blooming with colorful flowers. Stop and smell the orchids >

Submerge yourself in learning! Toss on a tee and leave the flippers behind as you take more than 50 virtual deep-sea dives courtesy of the National Marine Sanctuaries. Explore the deck of a shipwreck, swim with sea lions, drift through coral reefs, float with fish and much more. Start the weekend with a splash >

Recipes for success! Scholastic Action serves up the facts on two food faves. Pizza has been "a-round" in America since the Great Depression. Put on a pair of adjustable-waist pants and meet the man who made the pie possible in the U.S. Then grab your chopsticks and find out how sushi caught on in America. Feed your brain >

Give botany the green light! Put on a green polo and check out five of the world’s wildest plants including one with flowers that look and smell like bees, a tree that grows on top of other trees and even a plant that doubles as a potty. Plant a seed of knowledge along the way as you learn about photosynthesis and pollination. Grow your brain >

Make no bones about it! Unearth facts and fun as you go on a fossil hunt with Scholastic SuperScience. Visit a fossil park in your softest sweats from the comfort of home. Dig for bones, learn how fossils form, discover scientists’ theories of what happened to dinosaurs and much more. Dig in >

Dolphin discoverers! Go undercover underwater with some swimming spies. Scholastic News reveals how dolphins are trained to detect underwater explosives and protect our shores. Make a splash in a colorful tee as you learn the science behind echolocation—no bathing suit required. Dive deep >

Is there a puppet doctor in the house? Visit the Center for Puppetry Arts with Scholastic DynaMath and learn how puppet builders and artists are restoring Kermit, Miss Piggy and more of Jim Henson’s famous friends. Put on your thinking cap (and a pair of soft sweats) and use math to figure out how much material is needed to repair the puppets. Puppets + math = 2x the fun >

Hello, Lady Liberty. Scholastic News gets you up close and personal with the Statue of Liberty. Put on a matching green polo and discover her true colors, find out what’s inside a secret box buried underneath, learn why visitors are no longer inside the torch (hint: it involves spies) and much more. . Give me liberty >

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a Gravity Jet Suit! Watch as inventor Richard Browning soars through the sky like a superhero. Discover the science and design process behind his gravity-defying invention. May the forces of lift, drag, gravity and thrust be with you. Ready for Takeoff >

Sit. Stay. Learn. Discover how wild wolves became docile dogs. Scholastic Storyworks explores how the relationship between people and pooches has evolved over tens of thousands of years. Fetch your favorite sweats and find out why humans used to wipe their greasy hands on hounds, watch military dogs in action and more. Unleash the history of dogs >

Kickoff the weekend with NFL PLAY 60! Stay lean as you learn about nutrition, heart health and the science behind exercise. Then suit up in your sweats and get tips and workout ideas from your favorite NFL players—including a touchdown dance. Get moving >

One for the record books! Just what does it take to be a Guinness World Record holder? Find out with Scholastic News. Then put on some comfy sweats and practice smashing a record of your own by jumping rope, hula hooping or even eating candy. Set the record straight >

One for the record books! Just what does it take to be a Guinness World Record holder? Find out with Scholastic News. Then put on some comfy sweats and practice smashing a record of your own by jumping rope, hula hooping or even eating candy. Set the record straight >

A real treat from Scholastic SuperScience! Put on your softest tee and learn how math, science, engineering and creativity come together to create mouth-watering desserts. Feed your brain as you plan a science-themed dessert party, make dinosaur footprint cookies and more. Discover some sweet science >

Rock on! Discover a mine of information when you take an underground tour of a glow-in-the-dark mine with Scholastic ScienceWorld. Watch from the couch in a colorful tee as the world’s largest collection of florescent minerals light up like a rainbow. Get ready to rock out >

Now is your chance to dance! Have living room dance parties all weekend long with movement-filled videos from Go Noodle. Comfortable clothes can’t be beat for getting the whole family on their feet. Get moving >

Step "write" up! Make a point to wear your comfiest clothes as you take a tour of the oldest pencil company in the United States. Then stay sharp by searching for simple machines around the house and even design one of your own. Pencil in some fun >

Make a splash! Meet a fearless, female diver going on extreme underwater adventures. Then take a virtual tour of the world’s oceans. Journey to the deepest depths with no wetsuit required—stay comfortable (and dry) in your softest sweats. Click here to dive right in >

Penguins on the loose! Head to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and see what the penguins do when they think no one else is watching. The penguins are exploring in their usual formal attire but you can chill out and check them out in your casual best. Click here to watch them waddle >

Put on your comfy pants and take Scholastic’s virtual field trip to the Museum of the American Revolution—without leaving your couch. Go beyond the battlefield now >

Discover a heroic young girl changing the way the world views people with disabilities in this inspirational article from Scholastic. Then, zip up your hoodie and create a graphic novel starring your own real-life hero. Get inspired >