French Toast Perfect Attendance Program

French Toast wants what every parent wants for their children. We believe that a child’s journey is built on the past by learning in the present and growing for the future. We also support school-centric causes to give all kids the opportunity for success.

French Toast, America’s leading brand of schoolwear, is committed to doing everything possible to solve the issue of chronic student absenteeism. We believe that a child’s life and future is positively affected by showing up to school each and every day. To that end, French Toast is currently accepting schools to participate in its Perfect Attendance Program.

How It Works

French Toast will provide:

Perfect Attendance collateral for your school to reinforce the importance of attending school everyday

Sponsorship of a monthly uniform drawing for students with perfect attendance in the month. Two winners, selected by the school, will receive a new uniform (one top, one bottom) from French Toast

At the end of the academic year, all schools that have successfully participated can submit one classroom name with the best attendance for the year. The winning classroom in each school will receive an A+ reward experience from French Toast.

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